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Grandpa was my guide

Remington Ryde

1.That’s not true Today 2.Lorena Go Home 3.Rambling Away 4.Grandpa Was My Guide 5.Itty Bitty Teenie Weenie Sorta Kinda 6.Broken Heart 7.Silence & Pain 8.I’m Half the Man 9.Her Last Breath 10.I’ll be In Heaven 11Shady Maple Quickstep 12.One More Day 13.You Love Me Today 14.One Women I Never Wanna Loose

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Sit Back & Enjoy The Ryde

Remington Ryde

NEW DVD 2020

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NEW DVD - Sit Back & Enjoy The Ryde $25.00

A Storyteller's Memory (Pinecastle Records)

Grandpa Was My Guide (Green Valley Records) $17.00

The Ryde (Green Valley Records) $17.00

LIVE @ Sertoma Youth Ranch in Florida (Ernie Evans Media)  $17.00


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