Band Information & Biographies

2016 SPBGMA Vocal Group of the Year Nominee!
2016 SPBGMA Fiddle Player of the Year Nominee!
2016 SPBGMA Promoter of the Year Nominee!
2017 SPBGMA Entertainers of the Year Nominee!
2017 SPBGMA Promoter of the Year Nominee!

Bluegrass crowd-pleasers, Remington Ryde has been together for 12 years. The band has been performing over 100 shows each year all throughout the United States and Canada. The band just released their first major record on the Pinecastle Label. Be sure to get your copy at the Remington Ryde store. The band's distinct sound and old time flair can be attributed to the Bluegrass-rich area of Pennsylvania from which they hail and borrow their name.  As the founding member and leader of Remington Ryde, Ryan Frankhouser's showmanship and chemistry with the audience turns fans into family. Billy Lee's humor, wit, and ever encouraging and uplifting approach to life clearly shows through on stage and off. Whether tears of laughter or of renewed joy, Billy Lee will touch your heart and leave you smiling every time. Add to that Stanley and Ron's unending love to get out and jam with anyone and everyone, to get to know and make friends of each and every one of you, and their overall down home good time boys love of bluegrass and bluegrass fans everywhere. This combination makes Remington Ryde one of the most popular bands among bluegrass fans today. The group, led by Ryan Frankhouser on guitar and lead vocals also featuring Billy Lee Cox on banjo and bass vocals, Ron Truman on bass and baritone vocals, and Stanley Efaw on Mandolin and Tenor vocals. View the band member biographies below. The band has a number of endorsements including  Deering Banjo's, Black Diamond Strings, Super Sensitive Strings and N.S. Design Bass, Blue Chip Picks, GHS Strings, and The Hideaway Farm in Bon Aqua, TN.  In 2007, Ryan took a leap of faith by starting the Remington Ryde Bluegrass Festival at the age of 22 years old! The festival has become one of the fastest growing Bluegrass Festivals in the Country! Be sure to visit the Remington Ryde Bluegrass Festival page for complete information.
 The last 4 years the band has been Nominated for 8 SPBGMA Awards in Nashville, TN including Entertainers of the Year!
Below is a list of some of the major events that Remington Ryde have been apart of. We thank all the promoters for their support in The Ryde!

Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival, Pennsylvania
SPBGMA Bluegrass Awards, Nashville, Tennessee
Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival, Indiana
Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival, Maine
Pickin in the Pasture's Bluegrass Festival, New York
PEI Bluegrass Festival, Canada
River Valley Bluegrass Festival, Canada
Red, White, & Bluegrass Festival, North Carolina
Christmas in the Smokies, Tennessee
Little Roy & Lizzy Bluegrass Festival, Georgia
Palatka Bluegrass Festival, Florida
PMI Bluegrass Festival, PMI Canada
Dixieland Park Bluegrass Festival, Florida
Yeehaw Junction Bluegrass Festival, Florida
Lake Havasu Bluegrass Festival, Arizona
Plymouth Bluegrass Festival, California
Traditional Bluegrass Music Cruise, Carnival Cruise Lines
North Platte Bluegrass Festival, Nebraska
Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival, Pennsylvania
Basin Bluegrass Festival, Vermont
Pemi Valley Bluegrass Festival, New Hampshire
Bluegrass in Superclass Festival, Ohio
Arcadia Bluegrass Festival, Maryland
Amelia Bluegrass Festival, Virginia
Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival, Virginia
Star Bright Theatre, Las Vegas
Tottenham Bluegrass Festival, Tottenham, Ontario Canada
Thousand Island Bluegrass Festival, New York
Wilmington Wintergrass, Delaware
Danby Bluegrass Festival, Vermont
Lincoln Bluegrass Festival, West Virginia
Rockahock Bluegrass Festival, Virginia
Mr. B's Bluegrass Festival, Virginia
Lil' Margaret's Bluegrass Festival, Maryland
DC Bluegrass Union Festival, Washington DC
Traditonal Bluegrass Music Cruise, Florida
NEPA Bluegrass Festival, Pennsylvania
Ralph Stanley Bluegrass Festival, Virginia
Southern Ohio Music Festival, Ohio
and many more.....

Ryan Frankhouser (Band Leader)

2016 SPBGMA Promoter of the Year Nominee!!

Ryan Frankhouser is the leader of the band. He started the band at the age of 18 in his hometown of McClure, Pennsylvania. Ryan has a passion for bluegrass music and devotes so much time of his life to the band and the music. Ryan has written a lot of the original songs that the band has recorded over the years including 'Grandpa was my guide', 'You'll miss me "One more day" The Bible Grandma gave me" and many more. Ryan also started the Remington Ryde Bluegrass Festival at the young age of 22. The festival is on it's 9th year and has turned intone of the biggest bluegrass Thanks festival's in the Northeast. Ryan gives all his credit to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all he has done for him in his life   contact Ryan

Billy Lee Cox (Banjo)

Billy Lee started playing the banjo at age 11. He would go with his family to country dances that his Uncle "Sock" would play the banjo for. He was hooked on the banjo. When Uncle "Sock" gave Billy his old banjo and said: "if you learn how to play this I'll give it to you". That was all it took. At age 13 Billy played his first show with Calvin Crane who invited him to be his Special guest. The banjo Billy plays is the one Calvin gave to Billy a few years ago. Billy considers his Uncle, Calvin, Eddy Hoover and his cousin Doc as major influences in his musical endeavors. Growing up listening to Flatt and Scruggs Billy learned as fast as possible. Then one day at Uncle "Socks" he heard Don Reno on record. He was hooked and started learning the Reno style. After entering the Air Force in 1969 Billy was stationed in Newport News, Va. He started playing with George Harris and the Shade Tree Boys. George and the group backed Billy up in 1973 when he won the National Banjo Championship in Warrenton, Va. Billy went on to play for Chief Powhatan in Richmond, VA. Then went on to play with Charlie Moore and the Dixie Partners off and on for a little over a year. Then Billy filled in for the Country Gentleman where he was offered the job as a Country Gentleman. Due to just having his first child Billy had to turn them down. Mr. Bill Yates, who was the bass player for the Country Gentleman, and Billy have remained friends and picking buddies since that time and still do a few shows together during the year. In 1976 Billy started the Mason Dixon Grass and fronted that band for over 25 years with Francis Elliott. One of the players from the MDG is the "Champ" Randie Rineer who is the fiddler for Sunnyside.  Billy has had the priviledge of playing in 4 different countries and many of the Eastern states of the USA. Refered to as "one of the stylist for Bluegrass Music in the North Eastern part of the US" by Carl Goldstein, Bluegrass radio host and long time Bluegrass promoter in the Northeast. Billy has recorded for many people

Jim Treat (Bass)

Starting out on banjo at age 14, Jim began his musical journey as bassist for the popular Central NY state band The Delaney Brothers, which lasted 13 years.  Since then, he has been seen on stage with several acts such as Dick Smith & Mike O'Reilly Band, Straight Drive, Eager, Hampton & McGill Band, Atkinson Family Band and Scott Eager & High Lonesome Sound.   His highlights include Carnegie Hall and Bill Monroe performances.  Jim makes his home in Syracuse NY.

Stanley Efaw (Mandolin)

Stanley has been playing bluegrass Music for many years and is truly one of the premier musicians in all of bluegrass today. He has played with many bands but has been touring with Larry Efaw & The Bluegrass Mountaineers for the last several years. We are pleased to have Stanley apart of Remington Ryde on Mandolin and doing all the tenor singing in the band! Exciting times ahead!